According to a study by GfK, a company wastes about 1.5h per day with incorrect or missing software.
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Immediate time saving

We build in your calculation for you and you can get started. You save up to 7.5h per week with CG-Config!

Developed with Artisans

The system was developed together with craftsmen and already makes work easier for many.

Adaptation to needs

Due to our software construction it is possible to fully customize the configurator to your ideas.

CG - Config

The customizable Configurator for Artisans


Configurator for your services

One of the advantages of CG-Config is that the technical infrastructure already exists. This can be easily integrated into your website. Your customers can configure their product directly on the web via smartphone or PC.


Made for complex Calculations

In CG-Config it is not only possible to click and select things, as in traditional configurators, but also to enter numbers and values that will be charged, as well as to include logic for different values. Thus, you can automate your price calculation.


Automatic Offers

If a customer has created a configuration via your website, he automatically has a price. You can mark this as non-binding. In addition, the customer can thus have a non-binding offer sent to him, which was created automatically.

Of course, you can proofread the automatic quotes beforehand if necessary and adjust them with our software before it is finally sent to the customer.

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