Customer Perspective

Open Configurator

A customer can put together his own product and knows how much it costs.

To start a configuration, the customer selects a service or product you offer.

From this point, the customer can personalize according to individual wishes and make entries (e.g. dimensions, partial products, services). This enables the customer to weigh up all the options available to him.

Customer Perspective

Automatic Offers

After configuration, each customer can request a non-binding quote.

After the customer has completed his configuration, the configurator can create a non-binding offer. The customer has this as a guideline.

In addition, the offer is checked again by the company and adjusted if necessary. Finally, a second, binding offer can be sent.

Company Perspective

Automatic Offers

After configuration, each customer can view a non-binding offer for him.

After the customer has completed his configuration, the configurator creates a non-binding offer. This serves as a guideline for the customer, but the entrepreneur can refine and concretize it.

Company Perspective

Intelligent Customer Administration

Customers can be intelligently managed with their contact and interest data.

Every customer who voluntarily provides their contact information to receive a quote is created in the central database. There, his orders, contact data and invoice items, as well as correspondence are listed. Here a customer can be contacted with already prefabricated messages.

In addition, the invoices and quotations can be viewed and edited here.

Company Perspective


With the calculator it is possible to create the perfect invoice for the customer.

After a customer has completed a configuration and requests a binding quote, it is possible to view the configuration with the automatically generated quote. This allows you to pick up directly where your customer left off.

Here it is again possible to change the automatically created offer by adding, editing or deleting items. Thus, in the end, a perfect offer is created, which can be sent to the customer with a few clicks.

Company Perspective

Product Administation

With the product management all products included in the configuration are registered.

In the product management all products, which are necessary for the final product of the configuration, are entered. The entry is made via a description with a unit price, as well as a formula, from when how many products/components are required.

CG Config can calculate anything, no matter how complex the formula may be.

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